EER Custom Guitars

What We Do

EER Custom Builds high quality, artistically designed custom electric guitars that have great playability, tone, sustain and reliability. You won't find a lot of exotic and extravagant inlay work in our standard designs (although we do get a lot of requests for our custom inlay work and are glad to do it); we prefer to put the artistic mark in the form, design, construction and materials of the instrument. We try to find a simple, but pleasing form and line that draws one into the instrument through the simple, elegant ebb and flow of its composition. The woods we use are our main guide and inspiration in the design of our custom guitars; the God-given beauty of these materials can be quite overwhelming. However this would contribute little to the richness of tone and sustain if the woods were not carefully chosen and aged properly as well as careful attention given to component selection and good, sound, lutherie methods used in the process of building each custom guitar.
We also are very interested in durability and reliability, and endeavor to impart these attributes into every custom guitar we make, and all our handmade guitars are carefully created in a controlled environment.

The result of the care, craftsmanship, quality of materials and components used in every instrument is a custom guitar that has a full richness of tone and sustain that will be seldom, if ever, found in any production instrument and the fit and finish, tone and sustain will equal or surpass any instrument built anywhere by anyone.

On these pages you will see examples of our work and our model line (which includes solid body, neck through and semi-hollow body guitars) which reflects our aesthetic, understanding and interpretation of the art and technology of lutherie.  

We will endeavor to build you the most reliable, artistic and tonally suitable custom guitar for your particular musical expression that is possible.

Our dream is to make your dream come true.